About Moramast

Moramast AB was founded in 1973 as a family company and we are now both a leading manufacturer and supplier of light poles in Sweden, as well as rich for knowledge.

Since 1973

Moramast - Secure, safe and sustainable

Moramast is a leading manufacturer and supplier of light poles in Sweden, and have a wide range of products. We started our company in 1973, and has since then evolved with new surface treatments, design and safety poles. Since 2007 we have been a part of Saferoad Group.

Steel and aluminum

Our products

The standard products we have are divided in to the following categories:

  • Stepped poles
  • Conical poles
  • Safety poles
  • Foundations
  • Fittings

We also have our own construction department that helps you transform your sketches and ideas to real products: for example custom design poles or catenary poles.

Most of our products are made out of steel, but we also have some made from aluminum, such as the energy absorbing pole Morastolpen with its accessories.


years in the business

65 k


3 m

light poles

~ 50


Business concept

Moramast manufactures and sells a wide and adaptable range of light poles and tension installations. With our unique industry-specific expertise, we actively contribute to a safer traffic environment and safer public outdoor environments. We do this in a sustainable way – for the environment, our products, our staff and our external relations.

Our vision

M.A.S.T: Modern, Attractive, Secure and Safe (Trygg)

Our vision is that all of Sweden’s roads, parks and squares are safe, secure and aesthetic – day and night – thanks to our products.

Our mission

We scatter light in the dark

Thanks to our industry-specific knowledge, and with the help of our products, we create safer traffic environments and safer public outdoor environments by scattering light in the dark.


Moramast – a part of Saferoad Group

Saferoad Group is a leading road safety supplier in Europe with more than 70 years of experience within the road safety industry. The Group offers a broad range of innovative and high-quality products and solutions tailored to contribute to a safer life on the road and lay the foundations for safe infrastructure solutions for the future.​

Saferoad Group employs 2500 experts across 13 countries. ​

To learn more about how Saferoad is contributing to a safer life on the road, visit​

What does our employess say?

When I started working at Moramast, as a summer worker back in 2002, I got to start with the easiest tasks. Like welding bults. Then it has evolved during the years, and today I work almost exclusively with customized products. From easy variations to the most advanced solutions. Sometimes I even go and discuss solutions with the construction department.

Per Frostgard
Welder, Moramast

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